Must Read Books that will inspire you to visit Chile

In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin  

A unique travel, history and adventure book by English writer  Bruce Chatwin, based on his trip to Patagonia in the early 1970’s. In Patagonia is a collection of 97 to some extent fictionalized short stories,  about the places and the people he met on his journey. Known as a masterpiece of travel writing that revolutionized the genre and made Chatwin famous overnight. 

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A Nation of Enemies: Chile under Pinochet  by Pamela Constable and Arturo Valenzuela

A fairly balanced view on the events that lead to coup d’etat in Chile in 1973, in which the democratically elected socialist government of president Salvador Allande was overthrown and the military dictatorship of general Augusto Pinochet’s was established. The book discusses what the life was like during the 17 years of the regime, and its effects on Chilean politics and economy.

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My Invented Country by Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende is one of Latin America’s most popular novelist. In her memoir; My Invented Country Allende reflects on her upbringing in Chile, interweaving her personal experiences and political history. The book offers a beautiful insight into Chile’s people, culture and customs.

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Ines of My Soul by Isabel Allende

Historical novel based on a true story of a daring Spanish conquistadora, Inés Suárez, who accompanied Captain Pedro de Valdivia  in the Conquest of Chile and helped found the capital city of Santiago de Chile.

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Across Patagonia by Lady Florence Dixie

Lady Florence Dixie was a Scottish journalist, writer and feminist. She was also the first European women to ever visit Patagonia. In 1878, Florence, her husband and two brothers embarked on a journey the southern end of South America.

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