Best Movies and Documentaries that will inspire you to travel to Brazil

Brazil with Michael Palin 2012

The former Pythonian travels across the fifth largest country in the world and  explores it’s history,  visits indigenous tribes in the Amazons and the Minas Gerais state in the north of Southeastern Brazil.

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Waste Land 2010

Multiple Award Winning British-Brazilian documentary film that follows contemporary artist Vik Muniz on his journey to the world’s largest garbage landfill, Jardim Gramacho on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Muniz, originally from Brazil himself, collaborates with a  group of so called catadores, the pickers of recyclable materials, learning about their lives and capturing their story in his art.

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Four Days in September 1997

Brazilian political thriller and fictionalized version of  1969 kidnapping of the American ambassador Charles Burke Elbrick  in Rio de Janeiro . Journalist Fernando joins  terrorist group MR-8  and plots abduction of the ambassador to force the dictatorship to release a group of political prisoners in exchange for his life.

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Amazon With Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry embarks on an epic journey following the Amazon river from it’s source to the sea.

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Secrets of the Tribe 2010

Documentary film that investigates allegation against Western anthropologists researching indigenous Yanomami people in the 1960s and ’70s in the Amazon Basin. The claims included genocide of the entire villages and sexual abuse.

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City of God – 10 Years Later 2013

A documentary film about what has happened to the cast and crew of the award winning future movie “City of God,” almost a decade after its international success.

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Ed Stafford – Into the unknown

Holding the Guinness Record for being the first person to walk the length of Amazon river, adventurer and survivalist  Ed Stafford’s returns to South America in his new series Into the Unknown. Episode 4 Brazil.

Trash 2015

Brazilian-British adventure drama film that follows three Brazilian street teenagers in Rio de Janeiro, who found a wallet in a  garbage dump, a discovery that will change their lives.

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Martírio 2016

Documentary about the struggles of Brazil’s indigenous Guarani people, to keep their ancestral land.

Manda Bala (Send a Bullet) 2007

Documentary explores economic and political  corruption, violent crime scene and kidnapping in Brazil.

City of God 2002

Loosely based  on 1997  by Paulo Lins of the same title, the film tells a story of two young boys growing up in one of  Rio de Janeiro’s  most notorious slums City of God.

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