Top films and documentaries that will inspire you to visit Canada

One Week (2008) Drama

Canadian drama film that tells the story of  Ben Tyler, a young teacher from Toronto who has been diagnosed with cancer requiring an immediate treatment. Instead Ben decides to leave everything behind and go on a motorbike trip across Canada.

The Shipping News (2001) Drama

American drama film based a Pulitzer winning novel by an American Writer Annie Proulx. When Quoyle (Kevin Spacey) a lonely and unhappy journalist from New York loses his unfaithful wife (Cate Blanchett) in a car accident, he decides to move with his young daughter and aunt (Judi Dench) to a small fishing village in Newfoundland, Canada.

Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (2001)

Canadian epic film directed by Inuit filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk and shot entirely in the Inuktitut language. Based on an ancient legend, it tells a story of a small Inuit community in which two  brothers, Amaqjuaq and Atanarjuat provoke jealousy of the chief’s son Oki. When Atanarjuat wins the right to marry beautiful Atuat, Oki seeks revenge.

Arctic with Bruce Parry  (Episode 4)

In this series British presenter Bruce Parry explores indigenous way of life in the Arctic Circle. In the episode 4, Bruce travels to the far north of Canada to stay with The Gwitchin tribe and witness their annual caribou hunt.

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Angry Inuk (2016) Documentary

Angry Inuk is Canadian documentary film focused on the controversial subject of seal hunting by Inuit people in Northern America.  Presented from the indigenous point of you, the film highlights the conflict between the Animal Rights Activists and Inuit and the effect the seal hunting ban in Europe had on indigenous communities.


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