Best Movies and Documentaries that will inspire you to visit Cuba

Buena Vista Social Club 1999

An American musician and record producer travels to Havana where together with a group of once famous local musicians record the legendary album that reintroduced Cuban music to the global audiences.

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Chevolution 2008

Documentary film about the iconic photo of Ernesto “Che” Guevara taken by a Cuban photographer Alberto “Korda” Díaz in 1960  and how the image became one of the most reproduced photographs in history and a symbol for revolution and change.

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Havana Motor Club 2015

A story about Cuban’s underground drag racers community who tries to organize the first official car race since 1959 revolution. The film reveals how Cuba’s recent reforms affected the lives of the racers and their families.

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Elián 2017

A remarkable story of Eliàn Gonzalez, who at the age of six in 2000,  became America’s most famous refugee.

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They Are We 2013

A documentary film about a remarkable reunion. An Afro Cuban family search for it’s origins in West Africa almost 200 years after the family has been separated by the transatlantic slave trade.

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The Lost City 2005

American drama film set in Havana, in late 1950’s. It tells a story of an owner of a classy nightclub, Fico Fellove  and his family during the events of the Cuban  revolution.  Starring Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray.

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Una Noche 2012

A Cuban drama thriller about three teenagers from Havana trying to escape the poverty by crossing the ocean on a makeshift raft in hope of reaching Miami.

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Black and Cuba 2013

Documentary follows a group of African American students from Yale University who travel to Cuba to see if revolution is really possible. The film draws connections between Afro Cubans and African Americans, and concentrates on the issues of racial and economic inequality.

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Looking for Fidel 2004

Following the arrests of the political dissidents in 2003 and execution of three men who hijacked a ferry to US, Oliver Stone challenges Cuban leader about the critical situation in his country. The documentary also includes interviews with the dissidents and their relatives.

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Castro in the Eyes of His Loved Ones: The Man Behind the Myth

Compelling documentary about of Cuban revolutionary and politician Fidel Castro, in which people close to him: friends, companions and family members reveal the little known, private site of Castro.

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