Best Movies and Documentaries to watch before visiting Australia

Rabbit Proof Fence 2002

Australian drama based on the book by Doris Pilkington Garimara Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence. It tells the story of Pilkington’s mother and two aunties who escaped the Native Settlement they were taken to as part of government’s policy of removing part-Aboriginal children from their communities, known as Stolen Generations.  The girls walked 1600 km home following along the rabbit-proof fence.

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Tracks 2013

An Australian drama and adaptation Robyn’s Davidson’s 1977 memoir about her epic, nice months long journey across the Australian desert with only a dog and four camels for company.

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Utopia 2013

Australian journalist and documentary film maker John Pilger, travels to Utopia in Northern Territory to explore the current situation of Aboriginal Australians and compare how it has changed since he last visited in 1985 when shooting his first documentary The Secret Country.

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Putuparri And The Rainmakers 2015

A beautiful and visually stunning documentary  about Tom ‘Putuparri’ Lawford; an Aboriginal man with a Western upbringing. The film follows his journey to reconnect with his ancestral lands and traditional culture and growing determination to fight for his people’s territory.

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In Between Songs 2014

Documentary film about struggles of an Australian Aboriginal family trying to maintain their traditions while being forced to modernize.

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Last Cab to Darwin 2015

An Australian drama about a terminally ill taxi driver Rex, who drives 3000 km across picturesque Australian outback to a clinic in Darwin where he can legally get euthanized. Along the way, he meets various random individuals that make him reevaluate his life.

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Ned Kelly 2003

An Australian biographical drama based on the 1991 novel by Robert Drewe Our Sunshine and starring Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom. It tells the story of Australia’s most famous outlaw and folk hero Ned Kelly.

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First Australians (2008) Documentary

Seven part documentary series that explore the history of Australia from the perspective of the indigenous Australians. The story begins in 1788 and the arrival of the First Fleet – 11 British vessels and ships carrying convicts and formed the first European settlement in Australia. 


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