Best Movies and Documentaries that will inspire you to travel to Thailand

The Beach 2000

Film is based on Alex Garland’s adventure novel by the same title. Set in Thailand, it tells as story of a young backpacker (Leonardo DiCaprio), who joined by a French couple set on a journey to find an isolated beach paradise. The idyllic beach turns out to be not what they expected.

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The Impossible 2012

A  disaster drama movie inspired by a miracle survival of a Spanish family in the 2004 Tsunami. Starring Naomi Watts and  Ewan McGregor.

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The Railway Man 2013

The movie is an adaptation of the autobiography of Eric Lomax, a British Army officer who in 1942 was sent to Japanese prisoner of war camp and forced into slave labor building the infamous Thai-Burma ’Death Railway’.

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Thailand: Earth’s Tropical Paradise 2017

BBC three part documentary mini series  explores the landscapes and wildlife of Thailand.

King Bhumibol of Thailand The People’s King

A History Channel documentary that  follows the life of King Bhumibol of Thailand.


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