Best travel guide books for Laos

Lonely Planet

A comprehensive and solid guidebook focused on medium to low budget travellers, perfect for both exploring top sights and taking roads less travelled.

  • Plan your trip – includes brief introduction to the country, maps, top things to see and do, itinerary suggestions, etiquette.
  • On the road – the heart of the guide. It is divided into chapters, each if which covers a specific region and individual cities highlighting sights and activities, accommodation and dining recommendations with prices and contact information, getting there and around advice.
  • Understand – in depth information on current affairs, history, environment, people and culture, art and music, local cuisine etc.
  • Survival Guide – Directory A-Z (quick reference and practical information on everything you need to know when traveling in the country), Transport Information, Language

The Rough Guide

Resourceful and readable guidebook for travellers on all budgets. Most of the book travel content is also available online.  The Rough Guide is divided into 5 main section:

  • Introduction – basic country information and facts, top attractions and experiences and planning suggestions.
  • Basics – General Practical Information includes tips for transportation, healthcare and insurance, money, emergencies and safety.
  • Guide – main section that covers individual regions and cities highlighting sights and activities as well as accommodation, dinning and nightlife recommendations.
  • Contexts – more detailed information on history, culture, wildlife, landscape etc. it also includes language section with vocabulary and phrases that you might need on your trip.
  • Maps & Small Prints – as the name implies this section includes maps, acknowledgments and contact details

Fodor’s Travel

High quality travel guide aimed at travellers on all budgets. All Fodor’s guides are written by local writers based in each destination as opposed to travel writers. Fodor’s Travel Guides are divided into five sections:

  • Experience : covers popular things to see and do, example itineraries, ways to save money, cultural etiquette.
  • Primer: detailed information on current affairs, history, the people, religion, local cuisine, arts and natural environment.
  • City/Area Chapters: covers each individual city/area of the country. Information on sights, activities, major cultural events and festivals, shopping and entertainment advise, hotel and restaurant recommendations.
  • Understanding : brief section with further information on the culture, includes essential vocabulary and phrases
  • Travel Smart: transportation, accommodations, healthcare and safety, emergencies

DK Eyewitness

Beautiful visual guide with glossy colour photographs, maps and detailed illustrations. The guide contains an introduction to the region section followed by color-coded chapters organised by individual areas with most interesting cities, towns and sights as well as regional maps. Each chapter provides historical and cultural background to the area.  Traveler’s Needs section offers tips on where to eat and stay as well as shopping and entertainment advise.  Survival guide section offers practical travel information and general index and acknowledgement.  


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