Must see Movies and Documentaries about Cambodia

Jungle Atlantis – 1 – Angkor Wat’s Hidden Megacity

BBC documentary about South East Asia’s greatest empire and it’s capital – the city of Angkor.

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The Killing Fields 1984

Biographical drama film based on experiences of New York Times reporter Sydney Schanberg and his Cambodian guide Dith Pran during Pol Pot’s revolution in 1970’s. Dith’s character is played by Haing S Ngor, a  real-life survivor of the Khmer Rouge’s labour camps.

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The Missing Picture 2013

The film by Ruthy Panh, a movie director and  Khmer Rouge genocidal regime survivor.  With his own narration and a combination of archive news and documentary footage and clay figures, Panh tells a story of what had happened to him and his family when Pol Pot came to power.

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Still I Strive 2012

At one of Phnom Penh’s orphanages,  performing arts is used to heal children with troubled past.  Guided by a famous actress Peng Phan, the children  hope to achieve one of the highest honors in Cambodia: to perform in front of Princess Bopha Devi.

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The Mekong River with Sue Perkins

English comedian and actress Sue Perkins travels 3,000-mile up Southeast Asia’s Mekong river. In Cambodia, she learns about the complex world of wildlife trafficking.

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Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

1979 British documentary written and presented by Award winning journalist John Pilger. The film reports on the US bombing of Cambodia in 1970, the devastating effect of the Pol Pot’s regime and a lack of aid from the West to help rebuild the country.


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