Must See Movies and Documentaries to help you understand Indonesia

The Act of Killing 2012

A powerful documentary that investigates the 1960s mass executions in Indonesia, when almost million people were killed. The director Joshua Oppenheimer encourages the former  death-squad leaders  to re-enact their crimes for the camera.

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The Look of Silence 2014

Following on his 2012 documentary The act of Killing, in The Look of Silence  Joshua Oppenheimer tells the story of a family that survived the  1965 genocide in Indonesia and  confronts the men who murdered one of their son.

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The Call from the Sea 2017

For centuries  the Bajau people who are known as ‘sea nomads’, have been living their entire lives on the sea floating around the South-Western Indonesian. This short documentary shines light on the fragile state of the Ocean and the impact we all have on it’s future.

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Wild Indonesia 2000

BBC three part documentary  series about the wildlife and  natural beauty of this amazing archipelago of more than 17,000 islands.

Eat Pray Love 2010

Based on a bestseller travel memoir by American author Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts) , who after her divorce and unsuccessful rebound relationship decides to spend a year traveling in Italy, India and Indonesia.

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