4 Interesting Documentaries about Zimbabwe

Mugabe and the White African 2009

A documentary film about  white Zimbabwean farmers family who in order to defend their property challenge Robert Mugabe and his government before South African Development Community for the brutal Land Reform that began racial discrimination and human rights violations.

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Democrats 2014

In this documentary, Danish director Camilla Nielsson follows two political opponents Paul Mangwana and Douglas Mwonzora,  who must work together to produce a new Zimbabwean constitution.

Zimbabwe Countdown 2003

Documentary film. Michael Raeburn looks back on the events that since 2000 have plunged Zimbabwe into social crisis and economic bankruptcy.

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Finding Mercy 2012

After living in New Zealand for almost two decades, Robyn Paterson returns to her homeland of Zimbabwe in search for a childhood friend Mercy. Together with a cameraman  Peterson embarks on a journey across the devastated and terrorised country and reveals the story of a man  responsible for it.

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