Best Books to read before visiting Zambia

Zambia: The First 50 Years by Andrew Sardanis

A history of Republic of Zambia from the country’s independence in 1964 and the political, economical and administrative challenges faced by the new government to the present day Zambia.  The book is written by a former member of the Zambian Government.

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Scribbling the Cat: Travels with an African Soldier by Alexandra Fuller

While visiting her parent’s farm in Zambia,  Alexandra Fuller meets K, a white, former soldier in the Rhodesian Independence War.  Despite her father’s warnings to stay away from K,  Alexandra  decides to go on the journey into K’s  troubled past, through former battlefields in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

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Bitterness by Malama Katulwende

Novel by Zambian poet Malama Katulwende. Based on the true event, Bitterness is a story told from a perspective  of a young Zambian student, Besa  and depicts young generation’s struggle when choosing between the old African traditions and modern life.

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So Many Africas: Six Years in a Zambian Village by Jill Kandel

A memoir by Jill Kandel of the time she spent in Zambia. In 1980’s, shortly after their wedding, Jill and her Dutch husband moved to Zambia for his work. The book focus not only on foreigner’s life in Africa, social and cultural differences but also the challenges of an international marriage.

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Appointment in Zambia: A Trans-African Adventure by Sara Dunn

In 1970 newly-weds Ross and Sara set off on an epic journey from Edinburgh to Zambia. In 8 weeks they traveled across 13 countries in a standard saloon car in order to get to Zambia on time for Ross to start his new job.

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The Unheard: A Memoir of Deafness and Africa by Josh Swiller

A memoir of Josh Swiller , a young American who has been deaf since the age of four. In the mid 1990’s Swiller spent two years in rural Zambia in the village of Mununga, volunteering for the Peace Corps; digging wells and working with deaf children.

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