Best Movies and Documentaries to watch before visiting Uganda

War Dance 2007

Documentary that tells the story of three Ugandan refugee children living in a displacement camp who are preparing to  compete in a national music and dance festival.

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Ikland 2013

Cevin Soling  and  David Hilbert’s set on a journey to meet Ugandan mountain tribe named Ik, who is described as  “the worst people in the world.”

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The Last King of Scotland 2006

Based on the novel by journalist Giles Foden, the film tells the story of a young Scottish doctor Nicholas Garrigan who travels to Uganda and becomes  Idi’s Amin personal physician. Starring  Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy.

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Call Me Kuchu 2013

Documentary film that  follows the last year of life of David Kato’s, Ugandan LGBT rights activist  and “Uganda’s first openly gay man”. The film focused on the subject of LGBT community discrimination in Uganda.

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God loves Uganda 2012

A powerful documentary that sheds light on the subject of Uganda’s  LGBT community discrimination and the passage of horrifying law that punishes homosexuals with life in prison.  The film also explores the role American religious-right wing evangelicals play in influencing the anti-gay campaign.

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Queen of Katwe 2013

Disney movie based on the true story of Phiona Mutesi, an Ugandan chess player and her journey from Katwe, one of Kampala’s biggest slums to representing Uganda at the Chess Olympiads.

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Walking the Nile 2015

Former solider and explorer Levison Wood sets off on an  epic 4200 mile journey. His goal is to become the first man ever to walk the length of the  Nile from it source to the sea.

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