Must-See Movies and Documentaries about Tanzania.

White Shadow 2013

A story of Alias, a young albino boy in Tanzania, who becomes a human target for local witch doctors, who use albinos body parts when preparing potions in belief this will bring fortune. Inspired by a true situation of Albinos in Tanzania.

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Jonah 2013

A short film directed by British filmmaker Kibwe Tavares. Set on Zanzibar, this is a story of two friends Mbwana and Juma, who miraculously manage to take a photograph of a giant fish and turn their hometown into a tourist attraction.

Jane’s Journey 2010

A biographical documentary about world famous English primatologist, anthropologist and humanitarian Dr. Jane Goodall’s. This film follows her life from early childhood in England to Gombe National Park in Tanzania where she dedicated most of her life to a study of wild chimpanzees.

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A Lot Like You 2011

Documentary by Eliaichi Kimaro,  a mixed-race, first-generation American with a Tanzanian father and Korean mother is a first-generation American. When her parents retired and move to Tanzania, Kimaro follows them with a goal to understand her African roots.

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